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Most people know that using a REALTOR® is a smart selling decision. Consumers rely on a REALTOR®’s expertise to help price their home competitively, find the right buyer and successfully navigate the closing.

Pure “For-Sale-By-Owner” transactions – where the seller did not know the buyer – remain historically low at six percent.

Staging can help sell a home more quickly and for more money. Many REALTORS® provide professional staging assistance as part of their services. 

When you’re selling…

A REALTOR® compiles information about your home in preparation for the listing. This information can include your home’s square footage, type of heating and cooling, proximity to schools, and so on.

A REALTOR® estimates your property’s value, taking into account comparable sales in your area to help you price it right.

A REALTOR® prepares and coordinates advertising and marketing efforts in your home, which can include putting advertisements in the paper, conducting open houses, and placing a sign in front of the home.

A REALTOR® screens prospective buyers so that only qualified buyers with serious intentions are shown your home.

A REALTOR® lists the property on the MLS (multiple listing service) and works with other agents to let the maximum number of qualified buyers see your property.

A REALTOR® writes offers, places the buyer’s deposit in escrow, and takes care of other necessary documentation such as title reports.

A REALTOR® advises you on aspects of the sales contract and deals with the buyer on various elements you may want to negotiate. This includes negotiating with the buyer on price, if necessary, in an effort to obtain the full value for your home.

A REALTOR® helps the buyer locate financing, arrange for home inspections and an appraisal, and other details in preparation for the closing.

A REALTOR® accompanies you to the closing or attends in your place.

How To Sell

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